If you ever have tried to photograph wildlife, you know the challenge.  When that special instant occurs, is your camera available and ready to go?  There are those who capture those incredible moments  including some of our contributors to this website–like Becky Consonni and Diane Deming.  Now add John, Diane’s husband, to the list.

Coopers Hawk 1Here’s John Deming’s story about his natural encounter with a Cooper’s Hawk.

“I noticed the hawk on the ground next to our arborvitae tree attempting to force a sparrow or junco from the tree. All the birds dive into one of the bushes for protection once the hawk arrives. Normally, if he doesn’t get somebody on his flight through the bird feeder area, he leaves. This time he stayed just long enough for me to grab Diane’s camera which was on a tripod with the legs extended. The hawk, I guess, was more interested in his dinner than my attempting to use a high tech camera with five feet of legs attached.  I turned the camera to auto and stuck the lens around the corner of the window and used the led screen to see what picture I was about to take. After that it was totally up to the camera to focus, adjust the light setting etc.Coopers Hawk 2

“The hawk, I believe, was a Cooper’s Hawk primarily due to its size, about the size of a crow versus a Sharp Shinned that is about the size of a dove. Never did get a full view of the hawk, therefore no full picture. He will be back as long as we continue to feed the birds.