The first male hummingbird, the first orioles, and the first house wren all arrived at our place on the same day this year, April 30th.

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Photo by Diane Deming

This photo shows an immature male Baltimore oriole eating grape jelly. We have taken flexible copper tubing and shaped it into a circle on the bottom to hold half of an orange. We scoop out half of the orange and fill it with grape jelly. They love grape jelly more than the orange. This particular picture was taken through the window. The tubing is hanging from our eave trough near the window.

Interested in attracting a Baltimore oriole?  One has to be very still because they will fly away if they see you inside. Just hang the tubing in a tree branch in a sheltered area and make sure the squirrels and chipmunks cannot get to it.

The swans have returned and can be seen nesting in the cattails on the north shore, east end, close to where the golf course use to be.

-Diane Deming