The Kingfisher found out at the Purple Martins are not shy!

The Kingfisher found out that the Purple Martins are not shy!

After we bought our place on Clark Lake from my Mother’s trust in June of 2011, it seemed like everything needed fixing. Despite major catastrophes like the furnace and the water pump, the worst thing to go was our old Purple Martin house. A mighty wind off the lake ripped the floor right off its platform–it flopped over like a drunken sailor! That next spring I hurried to get a new house for the next generation of Martins. They have been coming to this spot since the 60s. Looking to economize, I decided on the unassembled cheaper one I found online. It arrived here in about 80 pieces!! My husband was away on business. So I tackled this project on my own, outside, carefully reading the instructions.  Thankfully all the parts were there. I am grateful for the man who walks by everyday on the Spirit Trail that goes behind our house.  He fielded my questions as I worked on fitting the pieces of this puzzle together on my back step. It was such a small thing but a major accomplishment for someone who doesn’t do this for a living…what the hex!

As I watched the Purple Martins come back this year to a clean house, I couldn’t help but think they were pleased. We had six successful families.  In the previous year, we noticed a lot of dead babies.  I found out why, too late.  It was the result of having a dirty house.

Fast forward to last month when the babies were learning to fly.  I noticed our local Kingfisher perched on top of the Martin house. I grabbed my camera and set it on “sport action”–and you can see the result. The accompanying picture speaks louder than words. The Kingfisher left after a few passes of this angry, protective Purple Martin.

-Becky Consonni