No doubt Our Mr. Sun commands center stage and gets the largest share of attention, when it’s time for the sunset show. But there are other stages operating under his purview where other stories are playing out.

First, a photo of the approaching sunset.  Then some of the activities on those other stages that enjoy the light from the commanding performance.

Then it’s back to the main stage where Our Mr. Sun puts on his final act for the evening at Clark Lake.

2016 06-01 s1

Photo: Rick Belcher

A lone kayak on the west end of the lake heading toward Pierce’s Bay.

2016 06-01 s4

Photo: Rick Belcher

And what scene is seen from the Kayak?  Bill Leutz has the answer.

BL 2016 06-01 Kayak 2

Photo: Bill Leutz

Then there are the other stages, catching the reflection of light from the sky and lake.

2016 06-01 s2

Photo: Rick Belcher

2016 06-01 s3

The Lyons’ eagle. Photo: Rick Belcher

And the views just keep on comin’!

2016 06-01 s5

Photo: Rick Belcher

Even the cottages catch the glow.

BL 2016 06-01 from kayak 1

Photo: Bill Leutz

2016 06-01

Then, the sun drops behind the curtain to prepare for his next act, tomorrow. Photo: Rick Belcher