The forecast hinted at the possibility.  Then yesterday afternoon, it happened.  According to the June’s rain gauge on the Eagle Point shoreline, facing west, there was a total of 2 inches.  At the east end, south shore, the Deming’s gauge showed 1.75 inches (already had 1.25 inches in it).

When Clark Lake is refreshed with 2 inches of additional water, how many gallons does that make?  Using a government calculator, 31,500,960 gallons fell into the lake.  That number only reflects the rain covering the acreage of the lake.  As the lake is the lowest point in the area, many more gallons flow into it like small rivers.


The Deming’s gauge shows an August total at their location of 3 inches, so far.  The chart below reflects precipitation in our area by the month.  As you can see, 3 inches reaches the upper end of rainfall for August.