If you’re a regular viewer of this website, you’re well aware of the Clark Lake Garden Angels’ excellent work.  They beautify the area around the Community Center, the Triangle, and the Tom Collins memorial. You don’t have to walk far around the lake to see others also doing their thing for public view.  It’s remarkable how the Clark Lake Spirit circles the lake. 

For years, Lynn VanWagnen has planted and maintained the triangle where Hyde and North Lake Roads meet. Lynn, who is a well known medical doctor, purchases the flowering plants and greenery.  He then plants, weeds, and waters them through the season.  Here he is on Thursday, June 3rd.

At Eagle Point, you can see the work of Dave and Sue Woodsum, who own one of the Edgewater Condominiums.  Dave says when they started cultivating this section, they found asphalt.  Over time, they added topsoil, and today you wouldn’t guess that not far below the surface are the remnants of the hotel driveway.    

Dave and Sue Woodsum are from Northwood.  They spend weekends and vacation at the lake. Dave first became acquainted with Clark Lake through a friend on the south shore.  From there, the couple rented a Dunigan cottage.  And like others who find Clark Lake a life-changing attraction, they acquired their condo. 

Earlier this week, this website showed how rain did not dampen the Clark Lake Spirit for the Garden Angels.  Under showers, they unloaded bags of mulch for use in the gardens around the Community Center, the Triangle, and Spirit Trail Head.  On Friday, the Garden Angels spread the mulch, as you can see below.