Mounting plaques on the Welcome to Clark Lake Sign is beginning today.  Jackson Monument’s team, led by Chris St. John, is at the location on North Lake near Grand Boulevard.  The high-fired mural, designed and crafted by Annette Fink, faces the road. That side is finished.  The side facing the path is now the focus of the work.  It recognizes donors who have supported the Spirit Trail.  For each plaque, the Spirit Trail received a contribution of $1,000, and $2500 for business logos.

Jackson Monument’s Chris St. John and Matt Double hold the Tom Collins plaque.  Also on site from Jackson Monument were Aaron Maurer and Jason Stephens.

The plaques, cast in bronze, are designed to be as permanent as the Sign itself.  They symbolize this generation’s dedication to Clark Lake and to projects it deems important to the community.  The Spirit Trail is one example.  Others include the floral magic produced by the Garden Angels, saving the Graziani cottage to become the Community Center, and lake activities like Run Clark Lake, Crab Races, and Raft-O-Rama.  Perhaps the Sign will signal to future generations accomplishments that have become part of Clark Lake’s history. 

The construction of the sign and creating the plaques are no small feat.  Many collaborated in this Spirit Trail project.  Chris St. John estimates the mounting will be completed over the next several days.  Jackson Monument has played an important role.  Their well-earned reputation goes back to 1910, and today they continue to show their expertise and care.  

This videos sums up a couple chapters of the Sign story.  Sign creator Annette Fink explains construction techniques and describes the Glaze-a-thon where Clark Lakers came together to help glaze the colorful clay pieces that would later be high-fired and cemented to the surface of the Sign.