Consumers Energy stated yesterday that their goal was “to finish nearly all storm restoration work safely before the weekend is over.”  That didn’t happen at Clark Lake.  Power remains out.  Two or more exceptions are on Hyde Road—Doyles and Your Home Town both have power.  It’s not known if that extends to others along Hyde Road.

Through extraordinary effort, the Eagle’s Nest was able to stay open.  They brought in a generator, keeping patrons happy.  Eventually, the generator blew a gasket. Blair Huff says “a backup is on the way, and we’ll be open for regular hours tomorrow.” (They are closed Mondays).  Lucero’s has also stayed open, and will stay open with or without Consumers Energy.  Lucero’s installed a generator early on.  Read how that came to be later in this article.      

A survey of the lake this morning between 9:30 and 10 am revealed three downed lines—Keast at South Shore, Grand Boulevard, and along Jefferson Road near Ocean Beach.  At the Keast and Jefferson locations, no Consumers Energy activity was evident at the time of the survey.  At Grand Boulevard some trucks with logos of tree cutting outfits were parked, but property owners may have employed their services.  Here are some photos of this morning’s survey of powerlines known to be down at Clark Lake.

  • Grand Boulevard
  • Keast at South Shore
  • Keast at South Shore
  • Jefferson Road facing west. Line is down on north side of Jefferson near Ocean Beach.


Earlier, Clark Lakers received an update from Consumers Energy changing the estimated time of restoration from Sunday at 11:30 pm to today at 11:30 pm.

Now, about Lucero’s early experience with a power outage. Imagine you have just opened a new restaurant featuring Mexican fare, and with the restaurant crowded on Cinco De Mayo, the power suddenly goes out.  Lucero’s acted quickly and brought in a backup generator.  Cinco De Mayo fun continued.  With the generator running, once again they were delivering food to the tables.  The installation became permanent.  But once during the current outage, the generator went down.  In the restaurant were a couple customers who knew something about the technology.  They pitched in and once again the generator was putting out full power.  Blair Huff says “what a great thing to do…we’re very appreciative for how they help save the moment.”