Judi Kelly posted this message on her sign at Doyle’s.  Hours later, just like that, the ice cover on Clark Lake disappeared.  Does Judi have magical powers?  Some questions may never be answered.  You be the judge.

  • Looking northwest from the Eagle Point shore
  • Looking east from the Township Park


Last night’s big rain and wind had something to do with the missing ice.  The overnight  weather had been preceded by days of above freezing temperatures.  Parts of the lake opened up on December 27th (click to read the story, view the photos and video).

Whether Judi’s message is prescient or remains a warmly held wish, no one knows.  But do know that you can always get the latest Clark Lake forecast and check out conditions from the DamCam on the main page of this website.

If you stood along the shore today and listened carefully, you heard more than the wind and waves.  Almost like glass, there was a tinkle—ice cubes being churned by the waves.  Here they are.

Photos and story:  Rick Belcher