Register your entry at the Beach Bar tonight (Friday) or Saturday at Shipwreck Party Store on Eagle Point, both nights–7 to 9 pm.  For the last minute types, you can register Sunday morning between 9:30 and 10 am at the west end of the lake.  Look for the judges raft.

Meanwhile, please say hello and thank you to the team that puts this incredible party together every year. These events don’t happen on their own.  It takes lots of dedication, hard work, and experience to make Raft-O-Rama such an enormous success every year.  This photo shows the committee at the last formal meeting before the big day on Sunday.  They met at the American Legion in Brooklyn Thursday.  Here they are outfitted as they will be at the event, lined up against the rifle wall for this photo shoot.

For the categories, please scroll down for “The 10 Things”.  Highly prized is the People’s Choice Award.  This is what looks like, crafted by Dotty Karkheck.

Once the parade is over, the fun is only beginning.   So you will want to be at Eagle Point, whether you had an entry or not. A hot Michigan band will play–Sexy Monster.  To find out more about them, please click here.  The Clark Lake Lions Club will once gain be grilling up chicken dinners and local corn on the cob.  (Dinners are only $8, corn, $1). 

Here is the schedule of events for Sunday at the Point.

Ten Things