package at DamCam  ps

DamCam view at Christmas (click or tap to enlarge; repeat, to reduce)

Over Christmas, keen observers of the DamCam noticed something different–a package wrapped in Christmas paper with a note on it.  The note said “To Brad and Ann”.  Questions quickly arose.  Who are Brad and Ann and why is their name on a Christmas package–and why is it at the Dam in view of the DamCam?

Inquiring minds are about to get their answer.  Brad Phenicie was born and grew up at Clark Lake.  He and Ann now live in Denver.  And it became known to that he looks at the DamCam everyday after work to check out Clark Lake weather.  So Britt and Denise Phenicie “thought [they] would be creative and surprise them with a Christmas message to put a simple smile on his face after a long hard day at work.”

Observers have commented that vigilance pays when watching the DamCam live video.  Immediately as the DamCam went online in August 2013, performances in front of it began to occur.  Since the DamCam reaches anywhere in the world that has Internet, it has been a way for people at Clark Lake to greet friends in Denver–or places much farther from here.   Observers also note natural encounters that provide another kind of performance–ducks, geese, cranes and turtles that like to hang out there.

As part of this website, the DamCam is a service of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.