Almost immediately as the DamCam went online in August 2013, people found inventive ways to communicate with others through it.  The others are usually located far away, but warm to the idea anything having to do with Clark Lake.  Over Christmas, a nicely wrapped package appeared near the dam within the view of the camera with a note on it “Merry Christmas Brad and Ann” (or possibly “Pam”).  Makes you wonder who the mystery couple is and in what part of the world they are located.


The package was gone as of 4 pm today (Friday, Dec 26)

The DamCam is on duty, 24/7/365 with live video of the Palmer Dam at the east end of Clark Lake.  The dam has long been of interest to those who have a history at Clark Lake.  As cars go by, many of them slow down to check the amount of water going over it which tells the lake level story.  Kids have played on the dam for generations.  Wildlife hang out there and can often be seen by patient viewers.

The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation, that supports the DamCam and this website, wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!