Let’s say you were able to hitch a ride with Marty in Doc Brown’s DeLorean and zip back to December 25, 1959 at 10 pm.  What could you see as you stood on the frigid shores of Clark Lake?  It would be dark.  Very dark.  You might notice a glow from a window or two, but otherwise your view would offer darkened outlines of closed up summer cottages.  Inside they would remain cold and damp, and stay that way until spring. 

Fast forward to now.  Venturing out on the Spirit Trail this Christmas illustrates how Clark Lake has changed.  From a handful of hardy year-around souls, Clark Lake has become a permanent residence for some.  Yes, it’s quieter than summer, but activity in the winter grows a bit every year.  And so do the cheery Christmas lights and decorations. 

What caused this morphing?  Could this be one of the starting points.  You grew up at the lake during the summer.  The indelible memories of swimming, water skiing, hunting turtles, and meeting friends at the Point all served as a powerful motivator.  The result?  You think Clark Lake could be more than a summer place.  It could become your forever home surrounded by those memories. 

Thanks to Josie and Frank Hones, and Michael McCarthy, you’ll get a 2019 peek of Christmas at Clark Lake.   

Merry Christmas from the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.