Now that results are seen regularly on this website, the lake is taking note each week as the Men’s Shuffleboard League plays each week at the Beach Bar.   

Below are results for week 12, which was played on Thursday, March 5. Bullinger and Claucherty have moved into first place in the Green Division.  Kennedy and Shuberg have clinched third place. In the Red Division, Rothfuss and Walczak have clinched first.  

The first place finishers in each division will face off for the season championship on Super Saturday, March 14th at the Beach Bar. 

There is one more week of regular season play on Thursday, March 12. 


Winning the championship means the names of the winning team members go up on a plaque which hangs over the long board at the Beach Bar.  Here’s what the recent past looked like:

For those who might have missed it, here’s a replay of the video that sums up what the competition is about.  Team members reveal their thoughts on why they meet each Thursday evening during the season.