B. J. Lyons and Brad Beyer continued their winning ways in the Red Division last night.  They defeated last year’s runners-up for the season championship, Leighton Uhl and Dennis Wenzlick.  Are Lyons and Beyer on the way for three consecutive season championships?  A clue awaits in next week’s game.  That’s when they face off against leaders of the Green Division, Eric Nichols and Mark Fish.  Both teams have identical win-loss records, 6 and 2.  The tension is building.

Tucker Boyers and Jerry Dobbs were playing a tight game against Todd Kennedy and Walt Shuberg.  Kennedy and Shuberg needed one point to win the game.  Meanwhile, Jerry had lined up three weights in good position which could give them the win.  Then this happened.  Todd Kennedy was up and made the final throw.  Hitting the pucks in just the right way, he completely wiped out Jerry’s well placed positions to win the match.  Never has the Beach Bar been this loud.  It’s said the outburst could be heard reverberating around the lake.   In spite of that win-killing instant, Boyers and Dobbs maintained their second place position in the current standings.

Weekly play culminates in Super Saturday on March 16th.  On the way, there may be some trash talking.  Not to be missed.

What is Super Saturday like?  This video was recorded at Super Saturday 2023.