B.J. Lyons and Brad Beyer are two-season champs.  Are they headed for their third consecutive year in the top spot?  They won again last night, defeating Bobby Schnell and Marv Walczak.

As you can see in the standing masters, B.J. and Brad dominate the Red Division.  B.J. comments “We know we have a target on our back.  That does nothing but increase our dedication and power up our motivation.”

John Menard and Tom Nelson hold the number two position in the Red Division.  But Tom points to week 4. In a direct match with B.J. and Brad, Tom and John were victorious.  Says Tom “We’re playing good and have our sights set on first place.  We have some tough games ahead.  It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

In the Green Division, more place trading continues.  The top three teams have been battling it out week to week – Mark Fish and Eric Nichols, Tucker Boyers and Jerry Dobbs, Todd Kennedy and Walt Shuberg.

Watch the changes from week to week in this slideshow of the standings.


Last night’s results

The season culminates on Super Saturday in March.  Click here to see what happened in 2023.

This video, recorded at the beginning of Season 20, set the stage for 2023-4.

Thanks to Tom Nelson who keeps the score and statistics.