All eyes are on the longboard as Super Saturday nears.

Three weeks remain to be played in Season 30.  How are things looking?  The leaders in both Divisions remain the same – Mark Fish & Eric Nichols in the Green Division, and Brad Beyer and B.J. Lyons in the Red Division.  Fish & Nichols strengthen their lead by defeating Bobby Schnell & Marv Walczak.  Tucker Boyers & Jerry Dobbs defeated Green leaders, Beyer & Lyons.  Boyers & Dobbs now have 5 consecutive weeks at number two in the Green Division.  Here’s how it looks from week 1 to week 10 in the standings.


Here are the game results last night (Thurs 2/22):


Two measures are charted in the statistics every week – points scored by each team, and the points each teams allows its competitor.  The summary below combines those scores for both divisions and for all games played this season in the Power Puck Ranking.


B.J. Lyons and Tucker Boyers talk it over.