The season began last night.  Competitors gathered at the Beach Bar for Week One of Men’s Shuffleboard, now celebrating it’s 30th year at Clark Lake.

What’s ahead?  Ten two-man teams face off each Thursday night, all of which culminates in Super Saturday in March.  For the last two seasons, B.J. Lyons and Brad Beyer held the championship crown.  Leighton Uhl and Dennis Wenzlick were runners-up last year.  Find out what those two teams are saying about the new season in this video.  Founding member Tucker Boyers kicks off the video.

Here are the results from Week 1.  Looks like the guys with targets on their backs had a good start.

Thanks to scorekeeper Tom Nelson, pertinent information is preserved each year.  Below are the week to week results from last year.

Who are the players, and do they play each week?