This week’s competition resulted in some clinched positions, as you will see in the color codes.  What’s ahead?  Week 9 was snowed out (the Beach Bar closed that evening because of weather).  The make up game will be played Thursday, March 24. Then comes Super Saturday, March 26th. 

Watch the slider to see the progression of week to week action. 

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  • Week 14 FINAL


The Power Poll combines red and green divisions and shows weeks 10 thru 13. 

Tucker Boyers and Jerry Dobbs have clinched first place in the Green Division.


Brad Beyer and B.J. Lyons have clinched top spot in the Red Division.


Men’s shuffleboard took an hiatus in 2021 due to you know what.  Super Saturday champs in 2020 were Mike Bullinger and Tim Claucherty.  Watch the winning moments in this video.


The 2020 runners-up were Marv Walczak and Dan Rothfuss.  They received the Tom Collins MVP award. 

2020 was Dan Rothfuss’ last year in the competition.  Sadly, he passed away December 8, 2021.  Dan was a founding member of the league.  Tucker Boyers, the only remaining founding member, said the 2022 games are dedicated to Dan Rothfuss’ memory.   Here’s a group photo taken at Super Saturday 2020.

Competition is held on Thursday evenings at the Beach Bar.  Not only will you find the players, but fans in the stands.  This photo was taken Thursday, March 17, 2022.