Week 7 of the 29th season of Men’s Shuffleboard played out last evening.  Here are the results of Thursday’s competition at the Beach Bar.

The standings from week to week illustrate the ups and downs of each of the 10 teams.

Occasionally substitute players step in when a regular can’t make it.  Last night was unusual because there were several.  Last year’s champs were Brad Beyer and B.J. Lyons.  Brad had other obligations last night, and Jack Burns, who is B.J.’s uncle, filled in.  How did it go?  B.J. and Jack won their match as you can see in the chart above.  Apparently it helps to keep it in the family.

Mark Hendrick’s unscheduled absence would mean that the he and teammate Marv Walczak would have to forfeit.  Suddenly, your reporter found himself pressed into service.  Never having played shuffleboard before, he took a couple practice shots and quickly found the game is more than luck.  Giving the puck just the right send off takes experience.  Thanks to Tucker Boyers who memorialized the moment with his flip phone.

Fortunately for the sanctity of the game, Brad Cooper, who has actual experience at shuffleboard, showed up at the last moment, and filled in for Mark. Your reporter resumed his role of taking photos and recording the subtleties of the game.

Mark Fish is a player who had left the Men’s Shuffleboard League a while back.  He recently rejoined the League, and is now paired with Eric Nichols.