Thursday nights at the Beach Bar is when you’ll find Men’s Shuffleboard competition.  Last night, week 6 results went in to the record book.  Game results are below.

Here are the division standings, presented week to week.

As reported last week, two new players have joined the League, replacing two who have left.  Because of the heavy work demands, Jorge Orozco resigned from the League.  Mark Fish has replaced him.  Mark had been a shuffleboard player several years ago, left the League also because of time, and now has returned.  Kirk Green has retired from his work.  Since shuffleboard can’t be played remotely from his place down south, he also has left the league. Kirk’s replacement is Leighton Uhl.

Below is a replay of the video that tells the Men’s Shuffleboard League story.  It was recorded at the beginning of the season.