Men’s Shuffleboard results for week 4 are in. Scroll down for the standings.

Here are the updated standings presented so you can see how results change week to week.  All four weeks from the 2022-3 season are included.

Now in its 29th year, Men’s Shuffleboard at Clark Lake continues the longstanding tradition.  And as usual, the goal is to win (as well as enjoy the evening).  If you haven’t watched the video from early this season yet, take a look at how the league operates.

The league consists of two divisions–Red and Green.  Each division has five two-player teams.  These photos were taken during season 28.

  • Jerry Dobbs & Turcker Boyers
  • Bill Vinson & Joe Collins
  • Leighton Uhl & Dennis Wenzlick
  • Kelly Kutyna & Scott Walker
  • Todd Kennedy & Walt Shuberg
  • Mike Bullinger & Tim Claucherty
  • Marc Hendrick & Marv Walczak
  • Eric Nichols & Jorge Orozco
  • Tom Nelson & John Menard
  • Brad Beyer & B.J. Lyons