Brad Beyer and B.J. Lyons are smiling for a reason.  They have clinched 1st place in the Red Division as competition heads toward Super Saturday on March 18th.  So, the big question is whom will they face from the Green Division?  Leighton Uhl and Dennis Wenzlick have a power position as you will see in the standings stats below.  But aside from B.J. and Brad, all other playoff positions, including the Green Division, are undecided.  Those positions will be determined after next week’s game results on Thursday evening at the Beach Bar.

Brad and B.J. are smiling.

Here are the standings, starting with Week 1 through last night.

These are the results from last night’s action.

Andrew Lajdziak has been filling in with teammate Scott Walker.

Now for some random pics from last night’s encounter.


Thanks to Tom Nelson who keeps the stats.