Thursday night Men’s Shuffleboard competition heats up as Super Saturday approaches.  The teams will play on Thursday nights, March 9th and 16th.  Then the division champs face off on Super Saturday, March 18th.  It all happens on the longboard at the Beach Bar, as it has for the last 29 years.

As of last night’s competition, these teams lead their divisions.  For the Green Division, it’s Dennis Wenzlick and Leighton Uhl.

In the Red Division, B. J. Lyons and Brad Beyer lead the pack.


Here’s a week to week look at standings starting with the first week and culminating with the last night’s play.

Results from this week’s competition.

Fans in the Stands last night.


Thanks to Tom Nelson, who in addition to playing each week, keeps the stats and forwards them to the website.