Tucker, is that a smile or a grimace?

When betting on sports events, even the team you love more than the good earth you walk on, be careful.  There are consequences.  This year Ohio State beat Michigan State on November 8th.  The consequences came to pass at the Raft-O-Rama’s Christmas party.  Tucker Boyers, for being on the wrong end of the outcome, was required to don an Ohio State jersey, and face the camera so this photo could be taken and posted for people all other the world to view–his punishment for the Spartan’s 49-37 loss.

Last year it was the other way around.  Beckey Ligibel and Barry Adams took a canoe ride on Clark Lake ice holding the MSU banner shouting “go green, go white.”  See that remarkable moment below!

And so it is, when you bet on sports!msu meta