After a day of unsettled weather, Clark Lake settled in for an evening with both a touch of fall and touch of summer.  The sunset created a magic backdrop for a kayak ride, as this group looked forward to the Friday the 13th full moon.  Tricia Boyers, Annette Fink, Becky Hones, Josie Hones, Pam Ricker, and Sandy Simon paddled from Pierces Bay, headed toward Eagle Point, and circled around it to the cove. Not only were the sunset colors and moon views spectacular, but the ladies also said the music drifting their way enhanced the adventure.  Kelsey Fink took this photo that captured not only the participants, but the incredible sunset.

As often happens, Clark Lake sunsets change by the minute.  Here are three phases of last night’s display.

Sunset photos:  Rick Belcher