On the evening of July 4th, luminaries lining the shoreline will cast a special glow around Clark Lake.  Every year, more people participate, adding to the magic.  

Raft-O-Rama puts the luminaries together.  Their team will be going door-to-door, hoping to find you at home.  You get 10 luminaries for $15.  Or if you prefer to doing it yourself, the ingredients are $10. You can also pick up luminaries at Doyle’s. 

Let Joe Collins explain how it works in this short video.

 In addition to lighting up the lake, this is a fundraiser for Raft-O-Rama. 

The theme for this year’s Raft-O-Rama is the 1960s.  Once the Independence Day holiday is over, the competition begins.  Crews will conceive their plans, acquire the supplies, and begin assembling for what they hope will turn into glory (and have fun along the way). Raft-O-Rama this year takes place on Sunday, August 8th. 

Prepping for a rewind to the 1960s.

Raft-O-Rama’s missing links

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