Considering the chatter around the lake, appetites are building for what the Eagle’s Nest will have to offer. Owner Blair Huff and manager Jorge Orozco plan to open in the second half of July.  Keep tuned to this website.  The opening will be announced here. 

About 75% of the staff has been hired.  Jorge says some positions are still open, including in the kitchen.  Do you know someone looking?  Contact Jorge at

Meanwhile final touches to the structure continue, including the mural as a backdrop for the lakeside bar.  To watch artist Freddy Diaz finish this painting with the words “Eagle Point”, click here.  Freddy has been busy elsewhere, as you can see in this slideshow.  

And for a generation of Clark Lake water skiers, this will be a welcome sight.

Of course the major reason for visiting the Eagle’s Nest will be the fare.