A message on behalf of the Clark Lake Invasive Weeds Committee

The New Year is just hours away. But you still have an opportunity to join with many of your Clark Lake neighbors on a very important project that supports a strong future for our lake. And it comes with a tax break.

HEWM location map

A survey conducted by Professional Lake Management and funded by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation shows locations where the 20 acres of HEWM was found this fall.

No doubt you have heard that DNA testing has confirmed the presence of hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM) in Clark Lake. HEWM rapidly propagates. It curtails recreational use of the lake and destroys wildlife habitat. In lakes where it has gone untreated, it has negatively affected property values.

A group of concerned individuals, mostly Clark Lake residents, has formed the Invasive Species Committee. The Committee voted unanimously to proceed with a pilot project for spot treatment in summer 2015 and to work towards full lake treatment in 2016. For details on the problem, solution, costs and information discussed at a recent public information forum, please go to the Invasive Weeds tab on the Clark Lake Spirit website.

The Clark Lake Spirit Foundation voted unanimously to accept donations for this project and to disburse funds in support of the Committee’s work. The Foundation is a 501c3; donations are tax advantaged.

By joining with your neighbors at Clark Lake in donating to this cause, the work will go forward to preserve our lake in the way we have always known it. Mail your check, made out to “Clark Lake Spirit Foundation” for benefit of “weed control”, to PO Box 224, Clark Lake, MI 49234. Or go to www.clarklakespirit.com, click on Donate, insert your credit card info, and select “weed control” from the pull down menu.

The work is important. As seen from the experience of other lakes, prompt action is essential. Show your support by donating now. Your neighbors will thank you!