Ladies Night Out Wine Tasting once again served not only some interesting varieties of spirits, but supported the Clark Lake Spirit.  The event is a fundraiser for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.  Along with it, of course, is a good time for all who came together for this gathering.   

Jaimie Mercer Thomson chaired the committee.  The committee included Tricia Boyers to her left, and Caroline Riley to her right.

In this video, Jaimie and Chelsea Huff, of the Eagle’s Nest, tell the story.


Thursday’s downpour downloaded 3 1/2 inches of rain on Clark Lake.  But by the time of the event, the weather had cleared.  Here are some who attended.  See any familiar faces? 


The Clark Lake Spirit Trail benefits from events like this. 

Building the Trail was a major step toward linking Clark Lake neighborhoods, and helped unite the lake in ways never seen prior to its 1996 inception.  The 7.3 mile path is designed for walkers, runners and cyclists.  It allows users to circumnavigate the lake via land as it weaves through traditional neighborhoods, canopied forests, and enables sunrise and sunset views of the lake.  

The Trail is maintained by volunteers who regularly roll up sleeves to keep it looking great.  From time to time, costly improvements become necessary.  Examples include repaving the area adjacent to the post office, fortifying the Magic Forest section, and installing an new section between Rita Drive and Grand Boulevard.  That last section became the staging area for the Welcome to Clark Lake sign.