Jamie Mercer & Kelly Petitto

It was a fun-filled convivial gathering at the Beach Bar this evening (Thursday 5/26/16) for the Ladies Night Out Wine Tasting.  The Night Out is an annual fund raising event with proceeds benefiting the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.

As many are aware, the Spirit Trail is always in a state of becoming. Maintenance and improvements are constantly taking place.  Two big Trail projects took place over the last couple years–creating a paved path off-road between Rita and Grand Boulevard and a complete rebuild of the section adjacent to the post office that takes you from the old railroad bed to Hyde Road.  This year directional signs will be installed to guide cyclists, walkers and runners around the more than 7 miles of trail that circles Clark Lake.

Below are some of those who attended tonight’s event to add their support to the Clark Lake Spirit Trail.

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And then Clark Lake put on one of its remarkable displays that it is known for.