As Wednesday, May 22nd nears, so does Ladies Night Out Wine Tasting.  After a one year hiatus, this annual event returns in full force, and then some.  This year, Ladies Night Out will have live music—Matt Dale’s band.  Those who attend are invited to sample “carefully selected restaurant exclusive wines.”  Only at the event can you purchase bottles of these specialties.


The evening starts at 6:30 pm at the Beach Bar.  It also features appetizers, raffles and merchandise available for purchase.  One of the items are these wine tumblers.

This is a fund raiser for the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, a 7.3 mile path that follows the circumference of the lake.  The Trail was conceived locally and is funded entirely by private donations and fund raisers like this one.  You can purchase tickets in advance by clicking here.

As important as the event itself is the community spirit that it illustrates.  These projects don’t happen on their own—it takes work.  So who are these people?  They are the ones who make Ladies Night Out happen: Shelby Bahaw, Tricia Boyers, Sheri Bush, Peggy Collins, Chelsea Kennedy, Janet Larson, Jaimie Mercer, Joel Peterson, Lisa Riley, Megan Sherwood, Ann Swain, Emilee Zacharias.  Some of the group gathered Thursday evening to work on the plans.  They are photoed below.

The event typically signals the beginning of the Clark Lake social season.  Below are some who attended the event in 2017.