Hot, sunny – and perfect for summer’s last blast at Clark Lake.  Knowing that weather ahead and the obligations of fall may not allow for the same ton of fun, many took advantage of what Clark Lake abundantly offered on this three day weekend.

Labor Day Monday started with a salute.

Claire Beer, Devyn Troyer, and Abby Jennings followed a well established Clark Lake tradition.  If you have a boat and water skis at Clark Lake, you have a built in audience.  So, put on a show.

Wearing red, white, and blue and waving the American flag, they toured the lake with a patriotic salute.

The show served as inspiration to revive some shows of Clark Lake’s past.

Earlier this year, Clark Lake’s Jon Broderick was inducted into the Michigan Water Ski Hall of Fame.  He and his twin brother put on shows in front of the Pleasant View Hotel in the 1950s.  For Jon, that led to much bigger things.  What you see below was the catalyst moment that launched a world famous career in show skiing.

Following Jon’s lead, the ski club he helped found at Clark Lake, the Pine Riders, didn’t hold back.  Click here to read about one of their shows from the 1960s.   Then there was the pyramid of 1973 on a busy Sunday at Clark Lake.  Click here to read about how Buzz Belcher, Tony Krupa, Bill Lighthall, Dave Nichols, Kay and Linda Vermeulen pulled it off.

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