Boats out at fall

A Labor Day weekend long ago

Labor Day weekend was the last blast of summer 2014.  Or was it?  It seems like the season gets extended every year.  After all, who wants it to be over so soon?

At one time Labor Day weekend was truly the summer finale. Boats and docks came out, plumbing was drained, and cottages were closed for the cold winter ahead.  Toledoans went home and Jackson area residents visited the lake only occasionally.  For all but the year-around residents, Clark Lake became the warm and pleasant memory of summer to recall on a cold January night.

Today docks and boats stay in longer, in part because more people live here all year.  Whether a resident or not, the intention to use summer’s toys in the fall does not always become action and that other season can creep up quickly.  (To enlarge a photo, click or tap.  To reduce, repeat)


This Labor Day weekend, Clark Lake saw a lot of activity–tubing, sailing, kayaking, raft riding and swimming. For Sally Lyon, 16 people mounted paddle boards at the Township Park for her yoga class. The Clark Lake Community Center was the scene of Angela Ligibel’s 90th birthday celebration, and there were an abundance of people at the Beach Bar and the Point.

It’s been said that “we’ve had a nice fall this summer”.  And could that suggest what’s ahead this autumn?