It may have been dark and stormy overnight, but all that vanished as the Kids Triathlon took center stage at Clark Lake.  The annual event kicked off at 10 am with smiles, laughter and cheering.  The scene was the Clark Lake Yacht Club. Triathlon Director Dan Omo tells the story in this video, with comments from Jesse Meston, Teddy Piepkow, and Peter Winovich.

As parents, grandparents and friends cheered, each contestant did their best in the three events with goal of spending the least amount of time to get it done.  The participants were divided into two age groups – 9 to 14, and 8 and under.


Here are more action shots of our champs.


Then there are the always popular photo ops.


An event like this doesn’t happen on its own.  It took the collaboration of Raft-O-Rama, the Clark Lake Yacht Club, and a few more volunteers to put it together.  They were happy to help as you can see by the smiles.


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