Light rain did not dampen spirits or slow down participants of the Third Annual Junior Soul2Sole 5k this morning (Saturday, May 16).  Nineteen Columbia Central Middle School students competed in the race that started at 8:30 am at the County Park.  They ran south along Ocean Beach Road, entered the Magic Forest section of the Clark Lake Spirit Trail, returned to the start/finish line.


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Fastest runner was Robbie Bethel; second, Kate O’Neil; and third, Lowry Hunter.  All participants received a medal and certificate along with the ubiquitous goodie bag that is present at most competitions.

What made this year’s contest different were the twins.  Not just one set of twins, but two!  Christian and Caleb Castaneda along with Aiden and his sister Alanna Honeck were all part of the competition.

The Junior Soul2Sole 5k is organized by Sheri Bush who is not a stranger to the Spirit Trail and has won many awards for her own participation in runs.


And Bill Tuttle provided some additional entertainment.