CCHS_bldg1A group of 89 people, mostly Clark Lake residents, gathered at Columbia Central High School Wednesday evening for a public information meeting about the invasion of hybrid Eurasian water milfoil (HEWM) in the lake. A study funded by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation revealed 20 acres of HEWM, known to propagate wildly. Other lakes have found that infestations curtail recreational activities such as boating, swimming and fishing; destroy natural habitat for wildlife; and negatively influence property values.

The Clark Lake Invasive Species Committee, a group of concerned lake residents, hosted the meeting. Previously the group voted unanimously to pursue a pilot program to treat some areas of infestation with herbicides during the 2015 season with the goal of full lake treatment in 2016. To read about Committee plans, please click here.

Dr. Carley Kratz, of the River Raisin Watershed Council, showed the importance of urgent action as part of her Power Point presentation to the group. Click here to view Dr. Kratz’s Power Point presentation.

Members of the committee answered questions for the audience. In subsequent posts on the website, you will be able to view questions asked and the responses given.

At the end of the meeting, a straw vote was taken. The question posed and the corresponding vote:

Those in favor of doing nothing: 1
Those in favor of exploring other options: 2
Those in favor of proceeding as outlined (use of herbicides): 86