This might be a summer like no other, but it didn’t mute the fun quotient at Clark Lake on July 4th.  Every part of the lake saw action during the day. At nightfall, boats and rafts gathered at the east end to watch Menard’s traditional fireworks display.  As the show unfolds, the family is headquartered at their Ocean Beach cottage, under the watchful eye of Evelyn (Mimi) Menard.  Mimi, now in her 96th year, loves fireworks more than just about anyone.  July 4th is her favorite holiday. 

This two minute video is an excerpt from last night’s show.  Thanks to Gregg and Roxann Kerr, the video was strategically recorded from the north shore, adjacent to the County Park.  You may notice the camera pans along the shoreline, showing a peak of Lake Columbia’s show taking place at the same time. 

The Menard’s launch their fireworks from their dock.  Let the show begin.   

Video and photos: Rick Belcher