With temperatures dipping to a frigid 9 degrees last night, ice formed on part of the lake.  Lack of wind combined with the cold caused a thin layer to form on some areas.  This photo from the DamCam was taken in the 11 am hour today.

As the day worn on, so did some of the ice.  But not all of it. A check of the DamCam at 3:50pm shows it hanging on.  Though ice may hiding in a cove somewhere, ice at the west end was not visible for an inspection tour around the noon hour.  Clark Lake’s 8 inches of snow is still very much present. It’s lost some of its quiet eye appeal, and the slush on the roads has frozen into crunchy craters. According the National Weather Service, temperatures won’t break 40 until Tuesday.

The season seems a bit out of sync.  Even more leaves fell today.  When this snow melts, those at the lake will have a soggy carpet of them to contend with. 

You can always get an updated forecast for Clark Lake on the main page of this website.  And by viewing the DamCam’s 24/7 live video, you can catch up on some of the weather’s nuances.  Here’s another view from the DamCam at 3:50 pm.