An early morning glance of the DamCam revealed snow,  appearing to be floating on the lake.  But, of course, we know that doesn’t happen.  What did happen took place as the temperature dropped to 22 overnight.  That brought about some freezing along the shorelines, and especially around the dam.  The east end had more ice than the west end.  The weekend forecast says warmer weather is ahead, and that means ice you can walk on is still in the future. 

No one could suggest Clark Lake shouted vibrant colors today.  But the gray, brown and white hues could change quickly to deep blue and bright sun.  It does happen.  Clark Lake always displays a variety of looks, and never two are exactly the same.  If you keep your eye on it, something that inspires your interest usually pops up.  Check out this morning’s views from the DamCam, Spirit Cam, and from higher perspective. 

And just to add a splash of color, here’s Saturday’s sunset.