To the relief of those looking forward to spring, the weather cooperated today.  With temperatures reaching 60, and the sun shining brightly, lake ice was transforming from solid state to liquid state.  To get the best handle of the open water, you need to get above it all.  So, Dronzella One took to the air to explore conditions.  Here are two ways of viewing the lake today (Sunday, March 8).  In this video, the view starts at Pierces Bay, then captures the west end from south to north.  Once arriving at Eagle Point, Dronzella switches to the east end, tacking from east to west.

In this slide show are similar views, but if you want a closer look, it will be easier to pause. 

Note:  No polar bears were seen stranded on ice floes. 

Bonus:  Just before sunrise today, the (almost) full moon set where the sun often sets in mid-summer. 

Video, photos and story: Rick Belcher