Warmer weather is putting an end to Clark Lake’s ice.  It could be gone by tomorrow–with open water by March 1st.  And that’s in spite of more snow in the forecast for Tuesday.

You can get live video of ice piling up and disappearing at the east of the lake via the DamCam.  Below are photos and video from mid-afternoon today (Monday, 2/29) from Bill Leutz.

BL ice melt 1 2016 02-29

Photo: Bill Leutz

BL ice melt 2 2016 02-29

Photo: Bill Leutz

Bill Leutz’s video shows the relentless action of the changing season–warmer temperatures, wind and waves–on removing the last vestiges of ice.

A recent forecast predicts 3 to 5 inches of snow on Tuesday to be accompanied by wind, and that’s likely to continue to diminish any remaining ice.