A soon to be demolished cottage served as a training ground for Columbia Township firefighters yesterday evening (Tues 11/14).  They were joined by fellow firefighters from Liberty and Addison in the 8800 area of North Shore Drive.

In this video, you’ll learn about what firefighters encounter when entering a smoke-filled structure and important steps occupants can take to save lives in case of fire.

The event was organized under the command of Columbia Township Fire Chief Scott Cota.

Chief Cota

Location as depicted on Google Maps.

Three structures will make way for new construction at the site.  This website’s Spirit Cam will remain focused on the area, as the process moves forward.  You can watch the Spirit Cam and the DamCam from the main page of this website.  Both operate 24/7 with views of Clark Lake, thanks to contributions from Mike McKay (paid for the cameras), the Beach Bar (hosts the DamCam), and Columbia Township and Police (hosts the Spirit Cam).