Long time Clark Lakers will remember Harold “Hop” Anderson (1930-2015).  Hop played multiple roles at the lake during his life.  That included owning a store named after him at the head of the lake, known affectionately as Hop’s Lakeside Grocery.

Hop was active in the Clark Lake community.  He was a founding member of the Clark Lake Lions Club in 1965.  He was a member of the Tecumseh American Legion, where he directed the drill team for six years as drill master.  Community service didn’t stop there.  He volunteered at Allegiance Hospital for 15 years, was a Boy Scout Leader, a volunteer firefighter for 22 years, and assistant fire chief.  It was for his devotion to firefighting that he was most recently honored.  At the Columbia Township meeting last night, Fire Chief Scott Cota asked the board that Hop Anderson’s name be included in a memorial to past emergency responders.  The Board voted unanimously to do so.


Hop’s widow, Nancy, is well known for her involvement and support of community activities, as well as having been a partner in the store.  About Hop’s firefighting years, Nancy says he was always ready.  Before calling it a night, “he would lay his clothes out on the floor at the edge of the bed, including shoes and socks so he could hop right into them quickly if a fire call came.”  Nancy recalls that he did that when they lived in the apartment above the store, and later when they moved into the Hyde Road home where Nancy now lives.  Be sure to click this link to learn more about Hop.

Photo of Nancy Anderson at the 2022 Clark Lake Memorial Day Parade

The wall is located in front of the Columbia Township Hall.  Hop Anderson’s plaque will be joined by other first responders.