The Clark Lake Cup returns on Saturday, February 3rd.  That presumes that ice conditions are satisfactory.

This annual hockey match features the west end of the lake (the Narrows or Eagle Point) vs the east end (Almeda Court).  Last year the game was played on the east end’s home rink, not far from Ocean Beach Road, south of the dam.  For 2024, the west end hosts.  The puck drops at noon in the Eagle Point Cove, or on the west side of the point near the Eagle’s Nest.

Ice came and went a few times last winter.  That put the game in doubt.  As it turned out, the day of the game was absolutely perfect.  The ice was thick enough and smooth like glass.  Check it out in this video.


This slide show shows freeze frames of the action.


The fans?  They loved it.


Group pic of the east end.


Group pic of the west end.

Get ready for year 7 of this annual face-off.  Who will win the Clark Lake Cup in 2024?

B.J. Lyons is holding the prize.