High winds kicked up this morning (Sat) at Clark Lake.  A major portion of the lake is without power. 

Consumers Energy says the outage was first reported at 10:16 am with 332 customers affected (upper part of the tan overlay).  In the 11 am hour, the lower overlay area lost power.  They have not assessed the cause yet, but have estimated the restoration time of Sunday at 2:45 pm.  Past experience shows that restoration times are frequently adjusted.

Consumers Power news release:

“Consumers Energy is responding with all hands on deck to a severe storm featuring high winds over 55 miles per hour which swept quickly through Michigan Saturday morning causing damage across West Michigan and into mid-Michigan while knocking out power to over 108,000 Consumers Energy customers. Crews are assessing the damage already caused and getting lineworkers in place for restoration once the storm system ends.

“Mother Nature once again caused severe damage across the state,” said Guy Packard, Consumers Energy’s vice president for electric operations. “We are mobilizing crews and stationing them in our hardest hit areas to begin damage assessment and restoration work once the winds die down.”

Severe weather started hitting West Michigan and the lakeshore this morning and continue to sweep through mid-Michigan. Winds reportedly over 55 mph knocked down trees, limbs and power lines.

A majority of affected customers are expected to be restored by the end of the day Sunday.