photo 1(38)Part of Clark Lake’s Summer of Fun is to catch a glimpse of unusual cars that make a visit.  Seen in the Beach Bar parking lot not long ago was a Cobra 427.  The values of classic cars vary widely, but some Cobra’s have sold for over a million-dollars.

And course a 1960’s blast from the past comes to mind by the Rip Chords:

Hey, Little Cobra
Don’t you know
You’re gonna shut’em down

And with a 427 engine, that’s likely to happen. (Click or tap photos to enlarge; repeat, to reduce).


Another visitor to the Beach Bar this summer was a Tesla.  Typically a Tesla gives you 240 miles on a charge.  Using a 110-volt outlet, you get 29-miles for each hour of charging.  So it would be important to plan carefully.  And carry an extension cord.