Columbia Township Police report that Colin James Lee, 25, of Napoleon has been charged and arraigned in the case.

Columbia Township PoliceOn Friday, May 13 at 7 pm, Columbia Township Police say that a passerby on Clark Lake’s Q Lane notified them that a man was passed out in his vehicle, the engine running, and car in gear.  There was a two year old child in a car seat in the back of the vehicle.  Officer Shadis arrived on the scene and immediately administered Narcan, which revived the man.  Medical personnel then transported the man to Henry Ford Allegiance Heath in Jackson.  Officer Shadis located a responsible adult relative who took custody of the two year old child.

Police also say that Officer Shadis continued his investigation at the hospital. When the driver was released, he was lodged at the Jackson County Jail.  On Saturday, May 14, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office issued charges of “Operating with the Presence of a Controlled Substance as a third offense (felony), Child Abuse in the 4th Degree, and Use of a Controlled Substance.”  Lee  was arraigned on charges on Monday, May 16, and was released on $2500 bond.