The west end of Clark Lake shall no longer be deprived. Just as the DamCam has provided live video of the east end of the lake, the Head-of-the-Lake Spirit Cam will now do the same for the west end.

This Spirit Cam, located in the Township Park at the head-of-the-lake, has similar capabilities to the DamCam.  It can show a multitude of views—rotate to show different shores and zoom in when appropriate.  On Sunday, the Polar Plunge takes place at Eagle Point.  Both the Spirit Cam and DamCam will point at Eagle Point to provide a video look from afar. 

Both cameras are displayed on the main page of this website.

Viewers of this website have long-requested this feature.  To make it happen, a number of people and organizations stepped up.  Mike McKay generously funded the purchase of the Spirit Cam, as he did for the DamCam.  David Elwell, Columbia Township Police Chief, engineered the installation.  When mounting the camera, he was helped by Rick Church, who is in charge of ordinance enforcement for the Township.  The Spirit Cam also had the support of the Columbia Township Board of Trustees, who unanimously voted in favor of the camera—Supervisor Bob Elrod, Treasurer John Calhoun, Clerk Barry Marsh, Trustees Flip Reynolds, Robin Tackett, Rick DeLand, and Brent Beamish.  Support by the ten directors of the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation was also necessary and was enthusiastically given. 

This project is the result of the efforts of people who are Standing Up for Clark Lake.  It’s their collaboration that makes it possible.  Thanks go out to all of them.  

–Rick Belcher