Thanksgiving Day at Clark Lake began with an amazing sunrise that connected well to the spirit of the day.  Rob Thomas, Ann Swain and Cara King captured the moment in these photos.  At the time the photos were taken, Rob and Cara were at different north shore locations.  Ann Swain was at her west end home on Hyde Road.

Photo: Rob Thomas

Photo: Ann Swain

Photo: Cara King

Clark Lake was also at its best yesterday.  The sun shone brightly, illustrating what we have to be grateful for.  In the late afternoon, Brandi Zak, took to the lake on a paddle board, well dressed for the 33 degree breeze.

As those familiar with Clark Lake know, contrasts happen frequently.  On Sunday, November 19, snow swept across the lake.  It didn’t remain on the ground, but was clearly evident as it crossed from west to east. 

Photo: Rick Belcher

If you missed it, here is a re-posting of Clark Lake Spirit Foundation Thanksgiving video in which Clark Lakers tell why they are grateful to be here.